Spiderdreams The Digital Lifestyle Agency

Isabelle Bugat and Pascal Vielhescaze have over 15 years of advertising experience with major international communication agencies (BBDO, TBWA, Ogilvy, OgilvyOne Worldwide . . .) in sectors ranging from technology to luxury to entertainment.

Pascal and Isabelle had a vision of an increasingly digital world where constantly changing behavior naturally blends with this technology environment where one can seek information, consume, play and work. This vision led to the beginning of their adventure—Spiderdreams—in 2004.

Pascal and Isabelle have a small team, and have drawn inspiration from the model used by designers and creators who design hotels, buildings, and everyday objects all over the world. Pascal and Isabelle envisioned and demanded an agency with a personal touch, with consultants setting up teams as needed, and with teams that match client needs and new technology. This model also ensures that Spiderdreams' technical advice remains objective.

Spiderdreams is a responsive and innovative agency that puts energy and dynamism behind its strategic and operational recommendations, to serve its clients.

With over 15 years of providing international expertise on both the internet and cell phones, as well as in the community network world, Pascal and Isabelle are presenting Spiderdreams as "The Digital Lifestyle Agency".